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Uniqers are comfortable sneakers, as all sneakers should be. But, they are also inspired. Our sneakers get inspired from artists and transform themselves according to what they see. To give you a great surprise we have put some hidden comfort features in every pair of Uniqers we sell. We believe that we can make countless feet happy with your help. We provide the luxury jacuzzi effect to your feet. But we should to tell you something, even if we are comfortable we are not boring. Everyone, and we mean everyone, who works here finds joy in creating comfortable (but not boring) sneakers. In other words we are all obsessed with your foot’s happiness. (It sounds creepy but you will thank us later)
We are looking for unique people. We want people who are just themselves and nothing else. You see if we are going to brand our sneakers as not boring we also need people who are not boring. It’s quite simple really, kind of like matchmaking to see if the shoe fits. We have a simple sneaker, but you have a creative mind. We want to provide individuals with a blank canvas. Oh, and just to clarify, you don’t need to be good at art to add your touch to our shoes. Now for our super amazing final marketing phrase. Ruin or make shoes by joining the Uniqers affiliate program today.

Our affiliate program is simple

Here’s a fast way to earn money. We will give you money any time you buy our product, that is if you bought it from any of your qualified online channels for example if you had a website, blog, or social media page,etc. You will receive incentives for any customers that buy our product through you. For any questions , please contact us : We’ve partnered with Refersion, this basically means that you’ll always receive your money ASAP , plus you get convenient dashboard tracking and the highest quality services from UNIQERS.

Join the UNIQERS Affiliate Program in the REFERSION Here


If and only if you sell a product from your personal link you will receive a 10% commision.
The amount of money you get paid is as low as $50 accumulated commission value
Conversion Rates: Consistently very high, assisted by a new website
Our social media product feed is updated daily.
Creative: If you ask (Yes you have to ask, again we are not mind readers) we can give you a bespoke/creative copy.
Our returns go up to 30 days after that (missed it? …well too bad). We also have free shipping to select countries.
Offers: We can give you those codes that make things cheaper
We have updates regularly on newsletters and editorial content to keep you in the crowd on all the bestselling styles, news and latest offers.

The way you make all the people swarm towards UNIQERS is with your special affiliate link that lets us spy on the sales and other referral activity.
Then we pay you using some sort of affiliate link.
We send you payments via PayPal/ Payoneer or some other reputed online transfer channel once the minimum $50 threshold is reached.
After you have already joined the program, you have full access to links, our product feed, plus promotions and performance reporting and other random tools that will help boost your revenue.

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