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Do you sometimes want to create something then realize you have zero artistic talents? Well then, this DIY shoe project is for you. All you need is a potato… and of course some other things as well because a potato will not be enough. Now then, let me explain how this works.

• Step one, find a potato and three to four colors of fabric paint (it doesn’t matter where you get them just do it) don’t forget paint brushes.

• Step two, find a shoe preferably white.

• Step three, cut the potato into quarters.

• Step four, paint one of the potato quarters with red and another in pink.

• Step five, stamp your stamps all over the shoe. If the stamps run’s out of paint on it well…dry you know what to do.

• Step six, wait for the paint to dry then paint a thin layer of white on the base of your triangle. Then let that dry.

• Step seven, after the white part dries add a thin layer of green on top of that. Then let that dry.

• Step eight, in the red part paint five black tear drops and let it dry of course.

And there you go now you have pretty watermelon shoes that you have made yourself. Pretty simple if you ask me. These shoes would be perfect to show off in the summer. Hope you had fun making them!

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