We’ve all heard of wastage and how it is harming our planet, but we haven’t heard it all. You might think the only wastage a shoe company produces is products that don’t get sold. But there’s another way shoes are hurting the planet. Samples.

Every company before launching a product manufactures samples. These samples are used to test the comfort and make sure that the overall design of the shoe looks great. As well as to allow retailer to decide whether they want to buy a certain product. But what happens to these samples after they have been approved or denied. You guessed right, they get thrown away. Now just pause for a moment and before you move on to reading the second paragraph, I have listed some facts of sampling down below.

• Just the air-freight from samples equals 140,000 trees

• There is one sample made for every 400 pairs sold

• Footwear manufacturing creates 1.4% of all CO2 emission in the world

Uniqers. Most probably you are reading this blog on the Uniqers website so you should have already heard of the brand Uniqers if not go search it up. Now let’s get back to the topic at hand. Uniqers are shoes that come in only one style. At this moment, and at this time this style comes in 9 colors. (We are planning on making some more patterned shoes in the future) So basically due to this factor Uniqers won’t have to produce that many more samples. We have already picked the style and we know what materials work best. So you won’t be expecting any wastage when it comes to samples from this brand. We are trying our best to disconnect us from other wastage industries so we hope you give us your support.

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Stacey Adams

Stacey Adams

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