Well I’m here to tell you, they are made by putting paint on a tooth brush and splattering it onto a canvas. I bet most of you as babies have done this type of DIY easy painting projects and the reason is because this is so easy that you don’t need to be like amazingly creative to do it.

Now instead of doing this DIY project on a canvas I’m gonna show you how to do it on a sneaker. Here are the three uber easy steps.

❖ Find a white shoe (white or any other color you wish it is just that the color will show better on white), paints of any color. Also of course find a tooth brush.

❖ Dip your paint brush into one of your colors and (DO NOT put it in your mouth).

❖ Splatter your paint onto the shoe, using a scale preferably to splatter paint from the brush evenly and minimize paint wastage. Repeat this process several times until you think your sneakers have been splattered enough.

There you go. This is about the simplest easiest and fastest DIY easy tool sneaker shoe project you will ever do.

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Stacey Adams

Stacey Adams

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