The type of shoe you wear when traveling is very important. Not because it matters what shoes look good with your outfit (Blah… to me, that matters the least). Though yes I am vain enough not to walk in inflated plastics (CR*#S) or some boring sneaker (SK*##*S)
What does matter is which shoes don’t hurt your feet after an hour of walking (especially in an airport). I mean, come on there are thousands of shoe companies in the world
and not one can give me a decent and practical shoe to wear while traveling? How is that even possible? Here are a few things I myself would like in a shoe:

✓     Comfortable: When walking you don’t want to have constant foot pains. At least I don’t.

✓     Easy to slip on and off: When you are on a plane I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t want their shoes on. Plus when you want to go to the bathroom you need to slip them back on too.

✓ Makes it so that you’re walking on clouds (this one is very important actually): When you are standing in a long immigration line I don’t think you want to be walking on rocks. (Do you?).

✓ Plain colors so they go with anything I want to wear. (Or not just as long as they are plain colors so that they are simple 🙂 When you’re traveling do you really want to carry five pairs of shoes?

And you know what? I did find a pair of shoes that fit all these criteria.
Amazing isn’t it? Anyways they are called Uniqers.
They are super comfy, are slip-ons, the in-sole is so amazing and they are only plain colors so they will go with anything.
Also, ( maybe freak idea, I can write the names of all the countries I’ve been to beside the transfers that they sell in packs if you were wondering. There are options for the DIY Transfer Stickers but I would buy the travel pack, My Fav!

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