First thought Claw them, rip them, dunk ‘em, or throw them but surely I want to make my sneakers glow with my uniqueness.

Your pair of uniqers should represent you. Sometimes that isn’t always possible. But if you diy your shoe, it can be perfect. That’s why you should transform your pair of uniqers into the perfect canvas for you to make your very own custom shoes. Of course there is also the other aspect that diy shoes are so trendy and fun. Try this beautiful gradient look that only requires permanent markers and rubbing alcohol. Create your own pair of diy shoes and have a go at this fun diy project

To protect your shoe sole from turning pink, put masking tape all over the edge of the sole. ( don’t skip this step! The alcohol will spread everywhere if you do)

Now after your shoe sole has been protected, take some permanent markers (yes, they have to be permanent) and making circle like shapes (that’s right this diy doesn’t need perfection) in different colors all over the shoe. For best results make lines of circles in each color

Once you are done with placing all the colors of your design, just take a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol and spray it all over the shoe (don’t go crazy with the spraying though, inhaling alcohol is not fun)

To further smudge the design you can also use your finger. (using your finger is also much more fun)

That’s all you need to do to achieve these awesome diy shoes. This is such an easy diy craft that you can do to achieve the perfect pair of custom shoes, plus it’s also super fun to do with friends around. Don’t let brands dictate your style options with your own pair of diy shoes.

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