If you are a sneakerhead you surely love Docs, Air, Yeezy or Vans…The options are endless! Expand the horizon of your sneakerlove and explore Uniqers, your next sneaker addiction (and perhaps the only sneaker you’ll ever need)!

I am created by young minds of today and for the people of today! Using only the latest technologies instead of re-invented nostalgic classics. Live it up now!

Not convinced yet? Keep reading…

1. Weight: If you’re one of those people who love sneakers but constantly have to move Uniqers are the shoes for you. They are light-weight unlike your general Docs. Docs are great but if you want to move in them from one place to another (I mean come on, isn’t that what shoes are for) it feels like carrying a boulder.

2. Comfort: Uniqers is unlike any shoe you will ever find. When you put them on it feels like you are walking on clouds and gives you an extra spring in your step. It feels like you are wearing some type of slipper but well you are not! Unlike Vans who are hella uncomfortable, though they’re cool (but really u wanna wear them just coz they are cool !!)

3. Tech: Most shoes have such old fashioned tech it is just annoying after a while. Uniqers on the other hand uses tech that is new, sustainable and interesting. Unlike Nike Air who has been using the same tech for who knows how long.

4. Customization: Why should other brands dictate what your shoes should look like. I mean Yeezys are already so crowded, how can you add anything more too such a complex design. Don’t you want to collect sneakers that are one of a kind and to be quite serious the only way to achieve this is to use a shoe like Uniqers which is simple but not boring and allows you to be the artist.

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Stacey Adams

Stacey Adams

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